Mauled Mango

Energy Drink

Mauled Mango


Mauled Mango by Great White Energy Drinks is like catching the perfect wave in a can. When you pop this bad boy open and take that first sip, it’s like paddling into the sweetest, juiciest mango wave you’ve ever imagined. This thing’s got vibes straight out of Mango Tango, blending that rad sweetness with just the right amount of tang to keep your taste buds satisfied. ​

But check it; it’s not just about the mango, bro. There’s a hint of peach and a splash of pineapple in there, making it taste like the most epic fruit salad you’ve ever sipped on. The peach is like that smooth ride on a longboard, all sweet and mellow, and the pineapple adds that little kick, like a shortboard cutting through a tight barrel.

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